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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chocolate Candy

This bow starts with a layer of chocolate brown with a light blue dash trim. The next layer is sheer chocolate brown with a satin trim and the bow is topped with a chocolate brown bow adorned with light blue medium sized polka dots.

Measures 4 1/2''

Price $10.00

3 in stock


This bow has blue w/white polka dots and red ribbon popping out at the bottom with a big loopy bow on top. It look so cute on a beanie or in a ponytail.
Measures approx. 6 1/2''
Price $10.00
4 in stock

This bow is 2 layers. The first layer is a perfect red with white dash trim and the top is a hot pink with medium red polka dots. The center is a red ribbon with tiny white polka dots.
Measures 4 1/2''
Price $8.00
4 in stock

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild Thing

This FUN bow has a layer of hot pink sheer, marabou and topped with a funky zebra print.
Measures approx. 5''

Price $10.00

Fourth of July Flowers

Each flower clip is layered with Red, White and Blue daisies with a 1/2'' pearl center.
Measures approx. 4 1/2 '' across
Price $10.00 ea.
1 ea. in stock

This flower clip has six layers with a baby blue pearl center.
Measures 3'' across
Price $5.00
1 in stock

This flower clip has 4 layers
Measures 3'' across
Price $5.00
1 in stock

Simply Stated

These peonies are a creamy off white. They are so simple and the very essence of beauty. We get stopped every time my girls wear this flower. Add it to a beanie, shirt or pony tail holder ... it just doesn't get any sweeter then that!
Measures approx. 6'' across
Price w/o pin $13.00
Price w/ pin $15.00
6 in stock

Hot Pink Mama

This flower is Hot pink and tinted with light pink. It is big and tons of fun! The center is a black crystal. Measures approx. 6'' across

Price w/o pin $13.00

Price w/ pin $15.00

2 in stock

Little Ladybug

This bow is backed with bright red, layered with loopy black ribbons and topped with ladybug filled soft pink.
Measures 4 1/2'' across

Price $10.00
2 in stock

Juicy Melon

This bow is intangled with 5 layers of Lime green, bright orange, sunny yellow and backed with white marabou. Glitter, Fur, stripes and poka dots ... everything a girl needs.

Measures 5 1/2'' across

Price $12.00

2 in stock

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fabric Flowers

Fun fabric flowers come in a variety of colors. They come standard with a clip but can have a pin added to the back so they can be used on just about anything.

Price w/pin $10.00

Price w/o pin $12.00



Hot Pink


Plum Purple


Sage Green

Ocean Blue

Baby Blue

Navy Blue

Butter Cream Yellow


Dark Silver